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The Apollo Safety Razor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Apollo Razor Holder                                                                                                                                                                           

Apollo Razors provide conventional wet shaving which is the closest shave possible and the least irritation to your skin. We believe nothing is better than a traditional wet shave. Apollo Quality Products is an emerging company that is based in Canada, and its goal is to provide the general public with good alternatives to low-quality razors on the market, and to help them save more money with a razor product that can last for a lifetime. 
We encourage you and others  who have the rare and finely crafted Apollo set to share how  it stands up to other razors.  You can also provide information to  the community of shaving connoisseurs on how cost effective, comfortable, as well as the closeness of shave you get while using it. 

 Apollo Quality Products Now Offering the Most Durable, Everlasting Double Edge Safety Razor on the Market

In present times, so many companies have introduced varieties of razors into the market, but the main concern of the end-users has been the premature deadness of the products after using it for a while. With a view to solving this problem, Apollo Quality Products, an emerging razor company, now offers the most durable, everlasting double edge safety razor on the market.

After having studied the trend of frustration that most people pass through when it comes to the use of cartridge or disposable razor products, Apollo Quality Products, an emerging razor company, now offers the most durable double edge safety razor that can last for a lifetime.

Apollo Quality Products recently steps into the razor industry; and for a start-up, it offers a razor product that has high quality and excellent durability. The company kicks off its business by listing its product on Amazon. Today Apollo Quality Products , as an emerging company to reckon with, is already building brand awareness and credibility as a world-class merchant of quality safety razors. Very soon, the company will launch its official website.

According to the owner, the double edge razor it is made of stainless steel material which is able to withstand abrasion, tear, and wear, thus making it possible to last for a lifetime. "The Apollo Safety Razor would fit any safety razor kit and its 4-inch textured handle provides a firm grip, even with wet hands," he confirms.

He states further, saying, "The product is a 3-piece stylish and classic design. During use, the razor head would hold the blade at an angle that ensures smooth and close shaving. It does not cause any skin irritation, neither does it promote the formation of little bumps on the face. In addition, it's eco-friendly."

Compared to cartridge razors, Apollo razor product is far cheaper and durable. Therefore, people no longer have to spend fortunes before they have their daily shaving. Using this product would help them to save money to a great extent because it's able to last for a lifetime. "As far as the market is concerned, the purchase of the double edge safety razor product from Apollo Quality Products comes with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. In all, Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed," the owner assures.