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 Press Release 1

Apollo Quality Products Now Offering the Most Durable, Everlasting Double Edge Safety Razor on the Market

In present times, so many companies have introduced varieties of razors into the market, but the main concern of the end-users has been the premature deadness of the products after using it for a while. With a view to solving this problem, Apollo Quality Products, an emerging razor company, now offers the most durable, everlasting double edge safety razor on the market.
After having studied the trend of frustration that most people pass through when it comes to the use of cartridge or disposable razor products, Apollo Quality Products, an emerging razor company, now offers the most durable double edge safety razor that can last for a lifetime.
Apollo Quality Products recently steps into the razor industry; and for a start-up, it offers a razor product that has high quality and excellent durability. The company kicks off its business by listing its product on Amazon. Today Apollo Quality Products , as an emerging company to reckon with, is already building brand awareness and credibility as a world-class merchant of quality safety razors. Very soon, the company will launch its official website.
According to the owner, the double edge razor it is made of stainless steel material which is able to withstand abrasion, tear, and wear, thus making it possible to last for a lifetime. "The Apollo Safety Razor would fit any safety razor kit and its 4-inch textured handle provides a firm grip, even with wet hands," he confirms.
He states further, saying, "The product is a 3-piece stylish and classic design. During use, the razor head would hold the blade at an angle that ensures smooth and close shaving. It does not cause any skin irritation, neither does it promote the formation of little bumps on the face. In addition, it's eco-friendly."
Compared to cartridge razors, Apollo razor product is far cheaper and durable. Therefore, people no longer have to spend fortunes before they have their daily shaving. Using this product would help them to save money to a great extent because it's able to last for a lifetime. "As far as the market is concerned, the purchase of the double edge safety razor product from Apollo Quality Products comes with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. In all, Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed," the owner assures.


 Press Release 2

Jozsef C. Introducing Apollo Quality Products for Private Label Brand of Razor

Starting out a good venture entails the understanding of the needs and problems of end users. Today, Mrs. Jozsef C, a visionary entrepreneur, introduces Apollo Quality Products for its private label brand of safety razors.
Inarguably, the importance of high-quality razors cannot be over-emphasized as there have been a lot of issues with the varieties on the market. As an emerging leader in his industry, Jozsef C. now introduces Apollo Quality Products for a private label brand of safety razors.
According to Jozsef C., Apollo Quality Products is an emerging company that is based in Canada, and its goal is to provide the general public with good alternatives to low-quality razors on the market, and to help them save more money with a razor product that can last for a lifetime. "Apollo Quality Products, as a company brand, is being developed to produce safety razors and its related items," states Jzsef C.
While speaking on his career relative to his new company, Jozsef C. confirms that his passion has always been to be a leading and ingenious entrepreneur, and his principal area of focus is to produce shaving products of high quality. This was what recently led to the establishment of his private label company. In 2013, he started out with Apollo Quality Products and released his first product, a Double Edge Safety Razor.
In all indications, Mrs. Jozsef C. has demonstrated a positive mindset and a purpose-driven optimism that his company can withstand the present competition in the industry. In a recent interview wherein questions were raised on the competition that Apollo would have to face, he affirms, saying, "Of course, at Apollo Quality Products, there is awareness that certain brands have become popular with people; but then, the Double Edge Safety Razor from our brand company has unique characteristics that would make it to favorably compete with all of them."
He goes further to opine that the Sales and Marketing department already has a workable system that is already helping him to build credibility and brand identity. Besides, Jozsef declares thus, "It is one thing for people to opt for these popular brands, but it is another thing for them to spend fortunes to get them. It's been found out that people spend more money on razors, but with the razor product from Apollo Quality Products, there is a lifetime usage value attached to it. This is one of the things that would make the product outperform disposable or cartridge razors."


 Press Release 3

Apollo Quality Products Launches Stainless Steel Razor Stand for Most Safety Razor and Brush Models

Of a truth, there are some accessories that are highly indispensable when it comes to maintaining and preserving the quality and durability of razor products. Today, Apollo Quality Products, a leading store for private label razor brand and related items, now launches its latest brand of stainless steel razor stands.

Inarguably, a good shaving experience is a function of the type of razor products that individuals make use of in their daily personal care. Apollo Quality Products, a private label brand of razor products, now launches its stainless steel razor stands.
Recently, when Apollo Quality Products came into the market, the company only introduced its double edge safety razor. Now, it launches high-quality stainless steel razor stand as part of a typical shaving kit. According to the owner of Apollo Quality Products, the new product would fit most of the models of double edge razors and badger brushes on the market.
"It's been found out that many people don't give much importance to the unhygienic ways they handle their razor and brush. Practically speaking, it's not ideal to leave the item on a table or a cabinet since such a thing would be harmful to the shaving tool. That's why some of these razor products don't last. The fact that they are made of durable materials does not except them from proper care," he states.
To that effect, he reveals further that the use of a good razor stand is ideal for any vet shaver since it is a safe stand for an individual's razor and brush. While speaking on the importance of a typical razor stand, the owner of Apollo Quality Products opines that it would help to properly protect the safety razor or the brush from accidental grab and injury, and it would also prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, mildew, and rust since there would be optimum air circulation around the safety razor or the brush, thus promoting the quick drying of any moisture on its surface.
It's further reported that the Apollo stainless steel razor stand is a great addition to any vet shaving kit. "Moreover, since it is made of stainless steel, it won't rust, thus amounting to a lifetime usage value. As of today, Apollo Quality Products has listed the new product on its Amazon storefront, and it comes with a lifetime warranty," the owner adds.

 Press Release 4

Apollo Quality Products Celebrates 5 Star Reviews On Amazon Safety Razors

As an emerging manufacturer of razor products, Apollo Quality Products appreciate its costumers opinion about their DE safety razors, even as the business is growing to beat the competition.

As a matter of fact, product acceptability has proven to be one of the greatest challenges that new companies or small businesses usually face when launching their products or services in marketplaces. Nevertheless, Apollo Quality Products, a razor maker appreciate the positive feedbacks that has received.

According to Jozsef C., the CEO of Apollo Quality Products, it's been argued that it's not enough for an enterprising person to come up with a product of good quality, it's quite essential to ensure that target customers accept the product. "Generally speaking, business success on Amazon is not a child's play, especially when a new company like ours is placed side by side with established competitors," he notes.
Sharing background information on the company, Jozsef C. reveals that Apollo brand was launched on Amazon few months ago, and since the listing of its first product, Apollo razors, the product brand has received positive feedbacks from Amazon buyers. "In effect, Apollo Quality Products is gradually building good credibility on the market," he confirms.

"I formerly had bought a butterfly opening style safety razor. The mechanism gradually destroyed itself after few years. This [Apollo razor] construction will not have that problem...[It keeps] the blade in place, and at a good angle for shaving. Shaving is a lot about personal preference, but as for me, this razor is as good as I would ever think I would need." - a paraphrased quote from a satisfied customer who recently posted a verified 5 star review on Apollo safety razors.
In his remark on the new development, Jozsef C. affirms that the 5 star review is an indication of the superior quality of Apollo razors. He states, saying, "The biggest selling point is that Apollo razors last for a lifetime. No one wants to overspend on razor products any more. Get it once, use it forever - that is the goal of prospective shoppers today. Apollo Quality Products has been able to meet that demand on Amazon"


 Press Release 5

Apollo Quality Products Prepares Launch Of All-Stainless Steel Safety Razors

As a maker of private label brand of razor products, Apollo Quality Products announces its upcoming launch of all-stainless steel safety razors due to increased demand.

Undoubtedly, a good shave contributes to the overall outlook of every person, and it's very important to own a high-quality razor for shaving or trimming unwanted hair from the body. Apollo Quality Products, a razor brand maker, now announces its upcoming launch of all-stainless steel razors.
According to Jozsef C, the CEO of Apollo Quality Products, the first razor products that the company launched few months ago are made of durable materials that can last for a lifetime. "Nonetheless, with advancements in metal productions, Apollo razors will soon come up with 100% stainless steel. The new product targets people who prefer stainless steel razors to any other materials," he states.
As of today, Apollo Quality Products is already making efforts to advance in shaver technology as it would like to come up with new razor products that have added value in terms of quality, aesthetic appeal, and finish. He confirms thus, "Apart from the fact that stainless steel naturally has a smooth finish, including a sleek appearance, it is still the most durable metal out there."
Speaking further on the merits of stainless steel over other basic materials, Jozsef C. explains that, depending on the measure of chromium content, stainless steel is generally resistant to corrosion. It doesn't get stained easily; and even if it does during a close wet shave, it can be cleaned with a damped cloth. Far beyond that, the non-porous nature of stainless steel typically makes bacteria growth quite difficult.
"In every respect, there is more to using stainless steel in the production of our next set of safety razors. Gone are the days when people had to purchase a set of 7 cut throat razors, referred to as Sunday to Saturday shavers. All-stainless steel safety razors last for a lifetime. This is a great way to save money and as well enjoy the use of a high-quality, aesthetically appealing, and bacteria-free razor," the CEO of Apollo Quality Products concludes.

 Press Release 6

Apollo Quality Products Now Offering Safety Razors To Amazon Shoppers In Canada

Today, Apollo Quality Products, a top manufacturer of safety razors and related items, is pleased to announce the official launch of its shaving products on Amazon for shoppers in Canada.

Studies have indicated that several people, most especially men, are fed up with the use of low-quality cartridge razors; and the demand for durable razor brands is already on the increase. Apollo Quality Products, a maker of razor products, now announces the launch of its high-quality safety razors on Amazon for shoppers in Canada.
In a recent managerial report from Jozsef C, the CEO of Apollo Quality Products, it's been revealed that the introduction of Apollo razor brand into the market would greatly help to create a sort of awareness on the benefits of safety razors that people can use for a lifetime. While making reference to the poor quality of traditional cartridge razors in a case study from the report, he argues, saying, "It's no longer reasonable to spend hundreds of dollars on shaving products that don't last long."
According to him, while speaking on the company's aim to expand its opportunities and extend its borders of marketing, Apollo brand is indeed new in the industry; but then, feedbacks from satisfied customers have proved that its product line comes with superior quality. "More so, based on popular demands, Apollo safety razors are now available for sale to those who shop on Amazon in Canada," he adds.
Describing the product, Jozsef C. reveals that Apollo razor is made of a durable metal with a non-slip grip that would ensure a close wet shaving experience anytime, any day. He then states thus, "Apollo safety razors can last for generations, thereby eliminating the need for replacements. Using such a product really helps to save more money."
"Amazon shoppers in Canada can take an advantage of the special discount on the safety razor. In comparison to what obtains on the Canada market today, Apollo razors come with competitive prices. In addition, every order now includes a free gift, that is, 1 Merkur platinum coated stainless steel razor blade," the CEO confirms.